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    A Letter From a Parent regarding Winter Basketball

    03/10/2016, 10:30am CST
    By K Cyree


    I am a parent of an 8th grader who had the absolute pleasure of playing basketball for the first time this past fall. His two coaches were Axel and Lucas. I cannot say enough good things about these two young men. I spoke with many other parents and we all agreed that these two young men did an outstanding job at being role models for these boys. My son, Marcus, had NEVER played basketball and frankly, is not the most athletic guy in the world - but these two young men made him love basketball and enjoy it so much! Axel and Lucas coached these kiddos to an 8-0 season without ever yelling or using profanity or belittling the boys. They gave positive coaching, constructive criticism and truly were an example.  These young men even dressed up for the championship game to show these boys how proud they were of them! Despite most of these kids not knowing each other - the two young men taught them to work together and truly formed a united team. These boys have become friends who were coached to play together and help each other. It was the BEST season that we never wanted to end!  

    Just wanted to give BIG KUDOS to these young men. As parents, we all expressed our gratitude to them but felt we needed to share with the Board as well. Please know these young men were terrific!


    Good job out there coaches!

    5th Grade Boys 2Ball Winners

    02/03/2016, 9:45am CST
    By K Cyree

    Congrats to the winners for 5th grade boys 2ball, Jack Chambers and Seth Windell and the 2nd Place, Henry Chuo and Jake Pasternak

    2016 Winter Basketball Registration is Opening in October!

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