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2018/19 Recreation Winter Basketball




Registration Information:

Months of Season: October - February

Registration Begins (Grades 1st-5th): October 1

Late Registration Begins (+$5.00): November 5

Registration Ends: November 15

Practices Begin: November 26

Games Begin: December 8

Season Ends: February 10

Playoff Games: February 9-10


Age Groups:

GIRLS                                                                   BOYS

1st - 2nd Grade Girls: $130.00               1st - 2nd Grade Boys: $130.00

3rd Grade Girls: $130.00                       3rd Grade Boys: $130.00

4th Grade Girls: $130.00                       4th Grade Boys: $130.00

5th Grade Girls: $130.00                       5th Grade Boys: $130.00

6th-8th Grade Girls: $130.00                 6th Grade Boys: $130.00

7th - 8th Grade Boys: $130.00

9th - 12th Grade Boys: $130.00

*Registration Fees includes jersey

Click on program information (on the website) , then select the appropriate league you are interested in.

Following team assignment, coaches will be contacting players/parents for first practices/schedules.


Important Dates to Remember:

Nov 1: - Deadline for buddy/coach request (Grades 1-5 only)

Nov 1: - Deadline to discuss practice conflicts with commissioners (Grades 1-5 only)

Nov 7: - 1st - 2nd Grade Boys/Girls Coaches Meeting - T&C Main Office 6:30pm

Nov 8: - 3rd Grade Boys/Girls Coaches Meeting - T&C Main Office

Nov 12: - 4th Grade Boys Coaches Meeting - T&C Main Office 6:00pm

Nov 13: - 4th Grade Girls Coaches Meeting - Location TBD - 6:30pm

Nov 15: - 5th Grade Boys Coaches Meeting - T&C Main Office 6:30pm

Nov 14: - PCA Certification for all Coaches - Westwood - 6:30pm

Nov 25: - 6th Grade Boys Tryouts @ Westwood HS gym 5:00pm

TBD       - 6th - 8th Grade Coaches Meeting

Nov 25: - HS Coach Meeting - T&C Main Office - 3:00pm



Fall Basketball

The next season for Basketball will start in November.  Registration will open in October.

Congratulations to these 5th grade shooting contest winners!

5th Grade Shooting Contest Winners

Ready for the 2018 Basketball Season

Ready for the 2018 Basketball Season!!

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