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How to Register to Volunteer?

Coaching Required Duties/Responsibilities:

Once you have decided to be a coach or an assistant coach for T&C (thank you!), there are steps you must accomplish. The first is to register in the T&C registration portal system (Sports Illustrated Play – SI Play), and perform your background check. Here are those details:

Register in the T&C registration portal
Go to the place where you registered your children, and make sure you register yourself as an adult, select "coach" or "assistant coach" for the position, the background check is part of the registration process.  This means that when a person registers to volunteer for coach, assistant coach, and in some cases board member, they will register for their background check as well. The system will be able to detect who needs a background check and who does not.  If a person does not need a background check, the background check portion of the registration process will be bypassed automatically. If a person registers without volunteering and are then asked to volunteer, they will need to log back into their account to perform a background check.  Once this is done, we can add you to the team as the coach.


Every coach and assistant coach is required to have a background check. The check is good for two years and is also good between sports as long as it falls within that timeline. 


Worksheet Instructions

Worksheets are provided to use to keep track of player playing times. The PDF versions can be printed and then used to write on. Just click on the link and then open and print the file. The XLS version can be downloaded to your computer and then maintained on your computer. To download the XLS versions, click on the link and then choose “Save”